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Josh Johnson On Being A Blue Jay

Josh Johnson spoke to the media today, via conference, here is some of what he had to say.

Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Like Mark Buehrle this morning, Josh Johnson spoke to the Toronto media on a conference call today. Here is some of what he said.

  • On the trade: "At first it was a bit of a shock". After he "slept on it, I was excited".
  • He's not in a rush to sign an extension: "It would be great" but it is the "last thing on my mind". "I'm all about winning."
  • John Buck told him Toronto "is an amazing place to play, fans are amazing."
  • He was asked about adding a curveball to his pitches, he said: in 2011 he just showed it 'once or twice a game', 'just to slow down hitters', but he was mostly fastball, slider, changeup. "2012 (was) my first full season" with it and "he was learning with it all year". Last year he learned to throw it at any count, "0-2, 3-2, 2-0". He also said that John Buck was great help in learning to trust it.
  • He mentioned it threw the curve in the low minors but the team asked him to drop it because he wasn't very consistent with it.
  • Asked if he had talked with anyone from the Jays he said that Pete Walker (though he wasn't sure of the first name) called. That John Gibbons had phoned the day that John got the job and that he has talked to Alex a couple of times. "Everyone is excited to get this thing going".
  • Asked about what went wrong with the Marlins last year, he said "Everything that could go wrong went wrong." "We had a good stretch in May when everything was going right, except me, I was 0-3". He also said that it seemed that last year was more about the stadium than the team.
  • Josh said he was 'Extremely excited' to get to pitch behind this line up. He went to a basketball game with some friends and they were asking him about the team, and they went through the lineup and he though 'it was even better than he first thought'.