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Blue Jays Trade Yan Gomes and Mike Aviles For Esmil Rogers

Jays get right-handed pitcher Esmil Rogers.

Esmil Rogers
Esmil Rogers
Tom Szczerbowski

The Jays made a trade. We picked up Esmil Rogers from the Indians for Yan Gomes and Mike Aviles.

Rogers is a right-handed pitcher, 27, from the Dominican Republic. He's been in the majors for 4 season, coming up with the Rockies and was traded to the Indians middle of last year. As an Indian he had a 3.06 ERA in 44 relief appearances, 53 inning, 12 walk, 54 strikeouts. So another power arm for the bullpen. In his career he's pitched in 114 games, 22 starts, 5.95 ERA, 237 innings, 215 strikeouts, 105 walks. Discount the ERA some, most of his career was in Denver.

Jays give up the piece they got for John Farrell. I figured he would be our backup infielder but I guess not. Yan Gomes, well I don't have high hopes for, so I'm not thinking he's a big loss.

I really didn't think we needed another arm in the pen, but I'm not Alex. I guess this means we are far less likely to try to keep Brandon Lyon or Jason Frasor.

I really don't understand the trade but perhaps the Jays see more in Rogers than I do, or maybe he is heir to the Rogers fortune so they picked him to pry more money out of their corporate bosses.

The question to me, right now, is who we figure to play second? Hechavarria? Who is the backup on the infield? McCoy?