Blue Jays All Time Worst Lineups (WAR/UBR/UZR)

In round one we discussed the greatest overall, base running and defending lineups based on Fangraphs WAR, UBR and UZR.

To keep us eager Blue Jay fans grounded we are now going to look at the worst single seasons.

First up is the Replacements lineup - worst single season WAR by position (probably coached by Gene Hackman) - minimum 120 games.

Position Year Name WAR
1B 1997 Joe Carter -1.2
Of course the man responsible for the greatest single moment in my sports fan history would show up in a "worst of" list
2B 1978 Dave McKay -0.1
At least McKay filled the CanCon portion of our inaugural lineup
3B 1997
Ed Sprague
Definitely wouldn't be on a list of worst HBPAR (Hit by pitch above replacement)
1984 Alfredo Griffin -1.5
Due to some interesting circumstances he was an All Star that year. Probably would make the all time worst All Star list too.
1996 Joe Carter
-0.3 Two Joe Carters? This team is going to have so many RBIs.
CF 2009 Vernon Wells
0.2 Vernon has the top WAR of the worst lineup ever. So at least he has that going for him.
LF 1979 Bob Bailor
-1 Bailor was the Jays first selection in the expansion draft.
C 1993 Pat Borders
0.1 If the Jays can win a WS with a replacement-level catcher, they can do it with a replacement level 1B/DH right?
DH 2010 Adam Lind
-0.8 I miss 2009 Adam Lind

Next up is the Bengie Molina lineup - the worst single season base runners.

Position Year Name UBR
1B 2002 Carlos Delgado
-5.4 I remember when Carlos was a catcher super-prospect and heard: "He can even run a little" That part wasn't true but he could certainly hit.
2B 1980 Damaso Garcia
-2.6 Maybe he should have burned his cleats too
3B 1999 Tony Fernandez
Old Tony is better than no Tony at all.
1980 Alfredo Griffin
My favorite Griffin memory was during his second stint with the Jays; on a rainy day trying to get the game to 5 innings to make it official he ran up to bat and swung at the first pitch that was outside, the second pitch was like 5 feet above his head and he swung at it like it was right down the middle. I think the game was stopped at that point - anyone remember/have details?
2005 Frank Catalanotto
-3.6 Wasn't the greatest runner but he defines "professional hitter". Still remember the 6 for 6 day.
CF 1978 Rick Bosetti
-2.6 Most interesting thing in his Wikipedia article: "In 1979, Bosetti played in all 162 games for the Blue Jays, and in the same season led all AL outfielders in putouts, assists, and errors."
RF 1987 Jesse Barfield
-1.8 When Électricité de France could not generate enough power to run the Large Hadron Collider, they called in Jesse Barfield's right arm
C 2003 Greg Myers
-5.4 Molina missed being the starting catcher on his own team by coming up 3 games short of the minimum. (He was -7.2)
DH 2007 Frank Thomas
-7.2 The Big Hurt was a Blue Jay? At least we know Gibby will bench a struggling player.

And lastly here is the Funny Side of Baseball lineup, everyone loves a good blooper

Position Year Name UZR
1B 1978 John Mayberry
-15 Google "John Mayberry Sr. Blooper" - Kinda funny. But not related to defense.
2B 1998 Tony Fernandez
-8 I refuse to believe that Tony was bad at defense.
3B 1999 Tony Fernandez
What? He was bad at second and third? Blasphemous.
2005 Russ Adams
Now this I believe.
1996 Joe Carter
-14 Joe was an All Star this year, when the game was in Philadelphia.
CF 2001 Jose Cruz
-22 Timlin and Spoljaric for Cruz: good deal.
LF 2003 Frank Catalanotto
-7.8 It's ok that Cat is on the no defense team, we can just have Reed come in if we have a lead.
C 2011 J.P. Arencibia
-11 Came a long way with the glove during his second season.
DH 2009 Adam Lind
-9.8 Silver Slugger DH- Could use a lefty masher like that this year.

There you have it, three all time worst Blue Jays Lineups. What would your batting orders be? Any surprises? If I can stomach the thought of seeing Roger Clemens' name all over the place, we will look at pitchers next.

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