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Back In Blue Network Joins SB Nation Network Producer Program

Welcome! Blue Jays video podcast team from Back In Blue joins the SB Nation family.

Courtesy Back In Blue Network

SB Nation's Network Producer Program has a new partner: the Back In Blue Network. Back in Blue was created less than a year ago by Toronto Blue Jays fans Brad James (@BradJames41), who edits and produces the show, and co-host and writer Nick Hansen (@NickHansen33) from the city of Kitchener, Ontario, just an hour away from Toronto.

"It's been a great day for BIB as we were excited to make the announcement and we've had nothing but great feedback so far," Nick says, "we're thankful for the opportunity that SB Nation has given us and look forward to the chance to reach a much bigger audience."

Back in Blue started out strong, interviewing general manager Alex Anthopoulos and president Paul Beeston at the 2012 State of the Franchise event, and continued their momentum by producing a weekly video podcast starting in February all the way though the end of the season. You can take a look at all of their videos here. One of my favourite things about their podcast is their creation of the Skip 101 character, ably played by Nick's co-host Reid Price (@Reid_Price).

It takes a tremendous amount of talent, dedication and time commitment to produce a 15-minute professional-quality show every single week during the season. It is great that they will get additional exposure through this partnership. I asked Nick what he has planned for next season, but he is being tight-lipped about it.

"[We] are always looking to improve the show but I can't give away any secrets yet! Thank you to everyone who watched and supported the podcast throughout the 2012 season, keep spreading the word and we'll keep doing our thing!"

So go log on to to catch up on their videos!