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Alex Anthopoulos On Maicer Izturis

At the general managers' meetings in Indian Wells, California, Blue Jays GM Anthopoulos talked to the media about the two moves he made today. Much thanks to Sportsnet's Shi Davidi for tweeting these tidbits:

  • Maicer Izturis is the "leading candidate" for second base, but if something comes up, the Blue Jays will look to improve the position
  • Izturis decided to sign quickly with the Blue Jays because Anthopoulos was offering a third year on the contract
  • Multiple teams inquired on Mike Aviles before he was traded to Cleveland
  • Anthopoulos sees Izturis as the only player who could "do what Mike [Aviles]" would have done
  • There was no downside in trading for Jeremy Jeffress, basically an "equivalent of a waiver claim"