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Hall of Fame Poll: Steve Finley

Would you vote Steve Finley into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Christian Petersen

Sorry, I took a couple of days away to go up to Edmonton and see Paul McCartney.

Next on our alphabetical walk through the Hall of Fame ballot is Jeff Conine. Jeff was a pretty decent player, hitting .285/.347/.443 with 214 home runs, 1071 RBI in 17 seasons. He played on 2 All-Star teams, winning the MVP of the All-Star game in 1995. He owns two World Series rings and yet I don't think anyone would consider him Hall of Fame type player.

Steve Finley has a bit more of a case, as one of the best defensive center fielders of his era. He played 19 seasons in the majors, won 5 Gold Glove awards. HE was part of the Diamondback team that won the World Series over the Yankees in 2001.

For his career he hit .271/.332/.442, with 304 home runs, 1167 RBI, 124 triples, 320 stolen bases.