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Blue Jays Name Pat Hentgen Bullpen Coach

Our coaching staff is now complete

Pat Hentgen back in the day.
Pat Hentgen back in the day.

The last piece of the coaching staff is in place, Pat Hentgen has been named bullpen coach.

You'll likely remember that Pat was bullpen coach in 2011, then left the team to spend more time with his family, but now he's back. I'm glad to see it, he seemed to do a great job with the pitchers, working like an assistant pitching coach with Bruce Walton. Since then Hentgen has worked as a Blue Jays Club Ambassador and Special Assistant to the Organization. If Pete Walker moves on, Pat would make a great choice for the pitching coach role

We interviewed Pat back before he took the job in 2011, which was posted in 5 parts: part one, part two, part three, part four and part five.

He joins a coaching staff that includes bench coach DeMarlo Hale, pitching coach Pete Walker, hitting coach Chad Mottola, first base coach Dwayne Murphy and third base coach Luis Rivera.

Glad to have him back in a full time role.