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Rangers Claim Eli Whiteside Off Waivers From Blue Jays

Eli, we hardly knew you....

Ezra Shaw

I didn't even know the Jays designated Eli Whiteside for assignment but, apparently, the Rangers have picked him up.

So this is the 4th team that Eli has been on this off-season? Started with the Giants. The Yankees took him off waivers. Then we grabbed him from the Yankees. Now the Rangers have him.

And now we have an open roster spot. I'm not sure if the Jays have a plan for that spot.

So you will have to return your Whiteside jersey's. Maybe you can remove the 'side' and pretend you are honoring Devon White with your jersey.

We are back to 3 catchers on the 40-man roster. I don't know if this means the Jays are less likely to be trading one of the catchers for a starting pitcher (there are still R.A. Dickey rumors running around. Catchers like Whiteside are easy to find, he's not much of a loss.