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Report: Alex Anthopoulos Visits R.A. Dickey's Home, Signs Him To Two-Year Extension

Stephen Dunn

This morning, the Toronto Star's Richard Griffin reported in a blog entry that the Toronto Blue Jays and knuckleballer R.A. Dickey have a preliminary agreement to a two-year extension, probably worth slightly more than the $26 million (see Update 1 below) he asked from the New York Mets. Although the Jays were given 72 hours to negotiate with the reigning NL Cy Young winner, it is now probable that the trade can be announced as early as tonight.

Griffin's sources tell him that Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos flew back to Nashville to visit Dickey's home to discuss the deal in person, something that the young baseball executive feels is important to do.

There has been quite a lot of opinions and stories written up about this trade--heck, we wrote several already--so it will take me some time process all the material between doing actual work, but I will hopefully get out some sort of links post later today. Keep your browser tuned to Bluebird Banter throughout the day as we see this story continue to develop.


Ken Rosenthal tweets that Dickey had agreed to less than what he asked from the Mets:


It is so obvious that I won't be getting any work done today. Buster Onley reports that Dickey is now in Dunedin for a physical, and that he will get a signing bonus that gets paid out immediately because of some tax thing possibly.