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Winter Meeting Open Thread: Rumor Time

An Open Thread to talk about Winter Meeting rumors.

I asked for a picture of Nashville and this came up. I'm not complaining.
I asked for a picture of Nashville and this came up. I'm not complaining.
Andy Lyons

The Winter Meetings are starting up, officially tomorrow, but today all of the baseball world is gathering in Nashville. I'm not going to try to guess what Alex is going to do, but I'd think nothing as big as the November trade.

Ken Rosenthal tells us that the Jays are "open to" trading any of their 3 catchers but "None is cheap".

Arencibia, 26, is the most likely to be moved - and the Jays previously have talked about him in trades for pitchers such as Tampa Bay Rays right-hander Wade Davis and New York Mets left-hander Jon Niese, major-league sources say.

Well, yeah, if we can get either of those two for JP, I'm sure we would, but I doubt it.

Speaking of the big trade, here is a picture of Jose Reyes with Carlos Delgado from Instagram. Carlos looks good.

Richard Griffin, in the Star gives us a rundown of what teams are looking for at the Winter Meetings.

Jim Bowden, on, has "5 bold predictions for the winter meetings". Subscription required, of course, but he tells us Dickey will be traded, the Rangers will sign Josh Hamilton and the Marlins will sign a free agent, giving him a full no trade clause. I have my doubts on that last one.

The Rule 5 Draft happens on the 6th. The Jays opened a roster spot by non-tendering Bobby Wilson, but I don't imagine we'd be picking anyone. If we plan on getting to the playoffs, we wouldn't want to waste a roster spot. Wilson was out of options, and we have enough catchers. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jays were to give him a minor league contract if no one else picks him up first.

Anyway, if you hear any good rumors, share them here or discuss what you'd like to see the Jays do.