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Santa's List


Dear Santa, I'm sure you have everyone's gifts all wrapped and placed on the sleigh (in fact you are likely already in flight, I've been too busy to get this finished, with gift wrapping and all) but , if you need some last minute suggestions....

John Farrell: Coal. And a whole mess of losses.

Edwin Encarnacion: What you got him last year seemed to work, do it again.

Colby Rasmus: A season that doesn't have us talking about potential anymore.

Blue Jays Training Staff: Far less work. In fact, if you could work it out that they have the season off, it would almost balance things out from last year.

Brett Lawrie: The ability to pick his moments.

Ricky Romero: A season that makes us forget last year.

Jose Bautista: Health. Actually, just get a bunch of packages of health and put them in all our player's stockings. An MVP award would also be fitting.

Jose Reyes: 100+ runs.

Adam Lind: Right-handed pitching.

Brett Cecil: Left-handed batters.

John Gibbons: More success than his last stint with the Jays.

Darren Oliver: One more season, with the chance to go out a winner.

Dustin McGowan: I always ask for health for the poor guy and, Santa, you never bring it. I guess somethings are even too tough for you to get down a chimney.

Josh Johnson: An extension.

Johnson, Morrow, Buehrle, Dickey and Romero: 30+ starts each.

Alex Anthopoulos: After this off-season, give him anything he wants. He gave us all we could have wanted this winter.

Dirk Hayhurst and R.A. Dickey: More best sellers.

Rajai Davis: Lots of pinch running opportunities.

Kyle Drabek, Sergio Santos, Luis Perez and Drew Hutchison: smooth recoveries.

J.P. Arencibia: A hot streak that doesn't have an injury bringing it to a quick end. And the ability to catch a knuckleball.

Buck and Pat: Well, for them, just deliver more patience to me. The economy sized package. Maybe go to Costco for it.

Casey Janssen: Many, many more saves.

J.A. Happ: A role on the team, preferably not a starting role.

Anthony Gose: A full season in Triple-A, but if you can't do that, lots of chances to show off his speed.

Melky Cabrera: Clean tests.

Tim Raines: Once again I ask for a plaque in the Hall of Fame for the very deserving Rock.

Bud Selig: RETIREMENT. Santa, we ask this every year. I've been especially good this year, so please Santa, do this for me.

Minor Leaguer and everyone else on the masthead: Lots of interesting stuff to write about, and, of course, the time to write it all.

SB Nation: Continued growth, with BBB leading that growth, of course.

Me: I'm blessed enough, I don't need much. But if you let me have more time to watch my boys become fine young men, I'd be happy. Beyond that, I'd be happy if you allow me to play in this fun sandbox for a while longer.

For all of us: Health and more wins for the Jays.

Add in any other suggestions you have.

Merry Christmas to all. I hope Santa is good to you. I don't see any pony shaped things wrapped under my tree. I guess Santa will deliver it later.