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New Blue Jays Batting Practice Cap Ugly, But At Least Not Racist

The old-style batting practice caps.
The old-style batting practice caps.

Every few years since 1999, Major League Baseball comes up with a new style of batting practice caps (which of course can't be the same as the regular game caps) to give teams a fresh look make loads of merchandising money. My favourite professional sports uniform expert, ESPN's Paul Lukas, revealed the new set of caps for all 30 teams. Lukas wrote about the history of batting practice caps here. These caps are not only worn during batting practice (along with the batting practice uniform) but also supposed to be worn during every game of Spring Training--although last year the Blue Jays chose to wear an un-piped version on the field during the spring.

For the first time in franchise history, this new Blue Jays cap does not feature either the letter "T" or a Blue Jay. The cap design is a simple maple leaf--the kind that is found on the current primary logo, which is very similar to the one first debuted in the 1997-era logo. The stylized leaf is red with a dark blue and white outline, which reminds me of the triple-outlined maple leaf on the 1997-era caps.

I do not like this new batting practice cap. I am a proud Canadian and all, but this team is the Toronto Blue Jays, not the Canadian national team. There should be something to do with Toronto or the Blue Jays on it. I dislike the idea of having separate batting practice caps just for the sake of having something different, but since it is mandated from Bud Selig, I would rather that the designers drop the Canadian flag and use this variant drawn up by TonyFernandezSavedMyLife because I quite liked the Blue Jays' first batting practice cap design.

But hey! At least the Jays aren't re-using an old racist logo in their 2013 design!