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Hall of Fame Poll: Shawn Green

Would you vote Shawn Green into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Shawn Green was always a favorite of mine. I was sad when they traded him to the Dodgers. It didn't help that Raul Mondesi wasn't great.

Shawn came in 5th in Rookie of the Year voting in 1995 but spent the next two seasons still trying to break into a full time role. If you read his book,'The Way of Baseball: Finding Stillness at 95 mph', you see that Shawn and manager Cito Gaston didn't exactly see eye-to-eye on things. It took until Tim Johnson became manager in 1998 before Green got a every day role with the team. Shawn's last season with us, 1999 he hit .309/.384/.588 with 42 home runs, 45 doubles, 123 RBI, 134 runs scored, 20 stolen bases and won a Gold Glove.

After the season the club announced that Cito would return to be batting coach and Shawn asked for a trade. Traded to the Dodgers, he had a great run there, 5 seasons, hitting .280/.366/.510, with 162 home runs and 509 RBI.

He didn't age that well though, at least compared to the steroid users, after the Dodgers he played a couple of seasons each for the Diamondbacks and Mets, and then was out of baseball at age 35.

For his career Shawn hit .283/.355/.494, with 328 home runs. 445 doubles, 1070 RBI, 162 stolen bases in 1951 games over 15 seasons. He played in 2 All-Star games, had 1 Gold Glove and 1 Silver Slugger award.