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Winter Meetings, Day One

Tiny bits of news from the first day of the Winter Meetings.

USA Today Sports

It's been a less than exciting day for us Blue Jay fans.

Other teams are doing things. Red Sox are signing Mike Napoli. 3 years and $39 million for a first baseman/DH/sometimes catcher that hit .227 last year. I don't understand the 3 years to a stop gap player, but ok.

Rangers have signed Geovany Soto (but still will need a starting catcher) and are likely to sign Joakim Soria. Giants are signing Angel Pagan to a 4 year, $40 million contract. I'd rather have Melky for 2 years. The Mets are 'serious' about trading Dickey. Rays signed James Looney, and with the Rays luck, he'll hit 25 home runs.

On Blue Jay stuff, Alex Anthopoulos and John Gibbons have talked to the media. Here is some of it:

I don't know, I can't get worked up about statements like this, made in early December. The early opportunity he is talking about might just mean spring training. Alex isn't going to tell us one of his players can't hit lefties, or righties for that matter, at this time of year. There is lots of time for minds to change. Alex just likes to get the folks on Twitter whining.

No news found, reporting same.

Guys are always more open to the idea of competing when they haven't had any other offers. He would add some depth to our rotation.

No surprise there. He likely said the same thing a few minutes before the Marlin's deal.

Hmmmmm how many useful 'minor league free agents' are there? I guess we'll see.

That's good to hear. I hope that he's not scared to pitch after this. I know it would put me off standing in front of batters.

Canada is in Group D, along with the US, Mexico and Italy. (Which of these countries just doesn't belong here). The Group D games will be played in Phoenix, Arizona. Team Canada's first game is March 8th against Italy. You can buy tickets here. Arizona would be a nice March road trip. Hmmmmm.....