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Are You There God? It's Me, Jane Fonda - Blue Jays @ Braves - World Series Game 6 - Oct. 24, 1992 - GameThread

Sportsnet has been airing every single game of the 1992 World Series this week, and will be broadcasting Game 6 today at Noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific on Sportsnet East, Ontario, West, and Pacific, and at 7 pm Eastern on Sportsnet One.

Dave Winfield's coming for ya!
Dave Winfield's coming for ya!

Well, big ace Jack Morris didn't come through in Game 5 (damn you Lonnie Smith!) and the World Series is going back to Atlanta, meaning that the Blue Jays won't get a chance to celebrate at home. Also, because of the loss, the Blue Jays disappointed Premier Bob Rae, and have put Toronto in danger of losing the CN Tower to Georgia (from the Toronto Star archives):


Tonight, Toronto turns to rental pitcher David Cone to turn in another masterful performance. Steve Avery, who left with a 2-2 tie in the bottom of the 9th in Game 3 before his bullpen blew the game, will be a tough opponent to face. I have a feeling that this will be a long, close game with a lot of lead changes. Let's finish off these Braves and capture the flag for Canada tonight... I don't really want to see the Jays have to face Tom Glavine again.

For some pre-game entertainment, take a look at the Toronto Star from today (October 24, 1992). Interesting nibblets:

  • Free admission to the SkyDome to watch the game on the Jumbotron (suggested donation to the food bank). Alcohol is served, but could only be consumed on the concourse, not at the seats. Someday soon Ontario will loosen up its alcohol policies.
  • The Jays worked out on the travel day while the Braves took the day off.
  • The press asked Cito Gaston whether Ed Sprague will start at first base tonight, but he shot it down, complaining about "another backseat manager." It turned out that the suggestion came from Pat Gillick.
  • Jim Proudfoot complains about the different interpretations of the strike zones on B2. I know it sounds ridiculous that there isn't a uniform definition of balls and strikes, but give baseball two decades and it'll be fixed fixed.
  • Rumours of problems in the Braves clubhouse, with Sid Bream and David Justice allegedly complaining about their teammates' lack of intensity.
  • If there is rain during this weekend and the World Series has to be extended to Monday, the game will start at 5:30 because Murphy Brown airs at 8:30 on CBS.
  • Tonight's game is pushed back by 15 minutes because CBS has to broadcast a 23-minute long Ross Perot infomercial on his presidential campaign entitled "The Ross Perot Nobody Knows". It is a long shot but for the first time ever there could be an independent President.
  • Apparently, there have been rumours of "a real world baseball championship [...] an event featuring the top professionals competing for" various nations beginning "sometime in the next decade." That's cool! Maybe alongside the Fall Classic we'll have sort of "world baseball classic." Boy I can't wait for the future!
  • There are rumours that after the World Series, the Blue Jays will send Derek Bell and Ed Sprague to the California Angels for Jim Abbott.

Pitching Matchup

David Cone
Steve Avery


Devon White - CF Otis Nixon - CF
Roberto Alomar - 2B Deion Sanders - LF
Joe Carter - 1B Terry Pendleton - 3B
Dave Winfield - RF David Justice - RF
Candy Maldonado - LF Sid Bream - 1B
Kelly Gruber - 3B Jeff Blauser - SS
Pat Borders - C Damon Berryhill - C
Manuel Lee - SS Mark Lemke - 2B
David Cone - P Steve Avery - P


(Please feel free to use GIFs and other images in this GameThread, but still refrain from asking for or posting links to illegal streaming video of this game.)