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Looking Back At The 1992 World Series

Thank you Sportsnet for showing the 1992 World Series.

Jim McIsaac

We've had a chance to look at our 1992 World Series win over the Braves, thank you Sportsnet. It was fun to see those players again. It it just me or did they all look skinny? Some notes on the series:

  • One of the things I noticed was that people didn't wear team colors as much as they do now. Now, even during the regular season, many (most?) people in the stands wear team colors, at very least a cap. You would see more fans with Blue Jay jerseys on in one section at Rogers today, than you see in in a full stadium in 1992. My memory says that jerseys ever very expensive back then. Of course, they are expensive now too, and we all own them. My parents would have never spent the money on a team jersey for me, but I've bought several jerseys for each of my kids. I bought myself an Expos jersey, when I got my first part time job. It had (still has, my wife fixed up the logo on it a couple of years ago) Gary Carter's number on the back. It was looked at as an extravagance. Baseball caps were more common out here in the 'west', than in Ontario, back then.
  • The graphics sure were different back then. I guess we paid more attention to the game then and didn't need to have the score facing us every moment. We didn't need the count up, we had to follow the count for ourselves. It would have made it a lot harder to follow the game and a game thread at the same time.
  • Pat Borders was an interesting choice as MVP. He did have a good series with the bat, hitting .450/.500/.750, with a home run and 3 RBI. But then on defense, he had a tougher time. The Braves stole 15 bases, in the 6 games. He did manage to throw out 3 guys trying to steal, but it was a track meet out there, when the Braves got someone on base. But then I don't know who would have been a better choice. Joe Carter had a good series too, hitting .273/.346/.636, with 2 home runs, 3 RBI and a stolen base. Jimmy Key had 2 wins and a 1.00 ERA in 9 innings. He got the win his game 4 start, going 7.2 inning, allowing just 1 run, 5 hits, 0 walks, and 6 strikeouts. Key also was the winner in relief in game 6. I don't know who I would have picked, there wasn't an obvious choice. It just seems like Borders' defense was so bad, it should have disqualified him.
  • Cito was likely the perfect manager for this time. Cito, especially back then, was a minimalist as manager. He wasn't going to wow you with strategy. No one would watch the series and call him a genius, in the way that folks watch a Tony LaRussa team and call him a genius, but for this time, Cito was the right guy. A team of veterans, in their prime, that didn't need a lot of hand holding.
  • The big mistake of the series was starting Jack Morris in games 1 and 5. Morris had a good season, winning 21 games, with a 4.04 ERA and ended the season well, going 9-2 with a 3.26 ERA over the last two months of the season. And the reason the Jays signed him was for his 'clutch' ability, before 1992 Morris was 7-1 in playoff starts. But he was 0-3 in the playoffs for us and had a 6.19 ERA for us in 1993 and didn't pitch in the 1993 playoffs.
  • Tim McCarver was, and continues to be, the worse commentator in baseball.
  • Having Gruber guard the line in the 9th cost us the lead. If he was playing normal, Blauser's lead off single would have been an easy out. But then if Pendleton had been guarding the line when Winfield was up in the 11th, he wouldn't have had that 2-run double.
  • Candy Maldonado was a terrible outfielder.
  • My personal game 6 story? I had to work that night, I taped the game (VHS for those of you old enough to remember). I told my wife my plan. I made sure not to hear the score. Drove home with the radio off, very careful not to give it away. I got home and my wife told me the Jays won. They still haven't found her body.

What stands out for you about that series?