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Hall of Fame Poll: Curt Schilling

Would you vote Curt Schilling into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson
Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson
Christian Petersen

Next in the list is Reggie Sanders, who had a nice career, much better than I had thought. He has a .267/.343/.487 line, with 305 home runs, 983 RBI, 304 stolen bases in 1777 games. Nice career, nothing like a Hall of Fame career.

Curt Schilling is kind of interesting, it is his first time on the ballot, I'm curious to see how the Writers view him. He really came into his own in his 30's. Before the age of 30 he was a pitcher that didn't really pitch up to his potential. From age 30 on he made 6 All-Star teams, came in 2nd in Cy Young voting 3 times, 4th once. He also received MVP votes 4 times.

In total he had a 216-146 record, 22 saves, 3.46 ERA, in 569 games, 436 starts. 3116 strikeouts (15th on the all-time list) in 3261 innings (95th).

He has 3 World Series rings (we beat out his Phillies in 1993 or he would have 4). He was co-MVP for the 2001 World series. And you likely remember the 'bloody sock' from 2004.

Course there is some post career stuff, but that shouldn't come into the voting. He's a outspoken Republican. He rode his video game company into the ground, costing himself a fortune.