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Hall of Fame Poll: Sammy Sosa

Would you vote Sammy Sosa into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa
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There is the same argument against Sammy Sosa as there is for roughly half the guys on this year's ballot.

Sammy hit .273/.344/.634 with 609 home runs, 1667 RBI, in 2354 games over 18 seasons.

You know the story. He wasn't a great player, early in his career, he chased too many pitchers, didn't take walks. Then suddenly he started hitting home runs by the dozen. He and Mark McGwire had a great battle to be the one to beat out Roger Maris for the home run record. They were credited with saving the MLB after 2 strike/lockout shortened seasons.

I'll admit I was never a fan. Mark McGwire had a value before the PEDs, but Sammy didn't.didn't have much value outside of the home runs.