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Rays Trade Shields and Davis To Royals For Myers, Prospects

Al Messerschmidt

This might make the coming season easier for the Jays.

The Rays are trading James Shields and Wade Davis to the Royals for Wil Myers and another prospect or prospects.

Royals are looking to make the playoffs this year. I'm not upset to see Shields leaving the division. He's 11-5 against the Jays in his career with a 3.24 ERA in 21 starts.

Update (Minor Leaguer):

Ken Rosenthal tweeted the full trade at 11:15 pm:

I think this is a pretty good bunch of prospects to get back for Shields and Davis. The Rays did a great job to try to rebuild their future here.

Catch our friends' reactions over at DRaysBay and Royals Review. Looks like the folks over in Kansas City are none-too-happy at the amount of future given up to get Shields and Davis. But hey--Royals fans can look forward to a possible .500+ finish for the first time since 2003!

Update 2 (Minor Leaguer):

Added a poll.

It's late but here my quick reaction on this trade from the Blue Jays' perspective. I think that Tom is right that the AL East got a little bit easier for 2013 but we should all be very, very afraid about what would happen when this group of highly-rated prospects get promoted to the big leagues. This shows us that the AL East cannot wait for the Rays to lose their best players to free agency then suck--they will most likely continue to have a steady stream of elite prospects knocking at the door. They are doing what the Montreal Expos should've done.