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Man, I am just starved for Blue Jay news. I'm even looking forward to being told which Jays 'have come to spring training in the best shape ever'. In fact we should have a contest to guess which player we get told has come 'in the best shape ever' first. Lets do that, tell us who will come to camp in the best shape ever and let's keep track who the writers say that about.

My guess: Brett Cecil.

The National Post tells us that Alex Anthopoulos is saying that the Jays won't be moving their Double-A team from New Hampshire to Ottawa:

"We're thrilled with New Hampshire," Anthopoulos said. "They have the best ballpark in the Eastern League, unbelievable ownership and unbelievable management. It can't get any better for us than New Hampshire."

I guess he couldn't really say 'yeah we can't wait to get out of that dump' but then I really doubt they will be leaving New Hampshire in a hurry.

But then the Jays could be leaving Vegas. @AdamRubinESPN twitted that the Mets could be losing their Triple-A team in Buffalo and then added:

If Buffalo leaves the Mets after this year, it likely would be for the Blue Jays. They could still re-up with Mets. Nothing set in stone.

That would be great for us. Closer to Toronto, easier to get players to Toronto in a hurry, and it would be a much more neutral a park. Far easier to evaluate our Triple-A players if they have more normal numbers. And we wouldn't be so afraid to send prospect pitchers there.

Speaking of the minors the Jays signed Koby Clemens to a minor league contract. He hit 26 homers in 2010 at Double-A Corpus Christi. His career minor league stats are here. I bet he'll enjoy playing at Vegas.