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Blue Jays Home Opener Sold Out

Single game tickets went on sale this morning and the home opener is already sold out. Hopefully the rush for tickets for the home opener will spill over to other games this season. I'm sure the fact that the Jays are playing the Red Sox in their home opening series helped along the quick sell out. It would be nice if the entire opening series were to sell out.

I'm hoping that attendance will be up for the Jays for the season. We'll have the fun watching Brett Lawrie for the full season. We keep getting told how having a Canadian on the team will help attendance, so it is time to see some proof. I think the team should be exciting to watch, we a lot of good young players, but I'd imagine winning will be the only thing that really gets the people out to the games. They can be as exciting as any team in baseball and many folks would notice, unless they also win. Maybe we'll get off to a good start and the home opener won't be the last sell out of the season.

I'm planning a trip to Toronto in June to see the games from the 11th to 17th. We'll try to arrange some get some way to get together with people from the site while there.

How many games are you going to see at Roger Centre this year?