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Four Blue Jays in Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects

Baseball America has 4 Blue Jays on their top 100 prospects list. They are:

17. Travis d'Arnaud.

Brother Chase beat him to the big leagues, but Travis' ceiling is higher.

39. Anthony Gose.

Physical dead-ringer for Nyjer Morgan has bigger tools than T-Plush.

67. Jake Marisnick.

Scouts doubted his bat as an amateur, but he's putting those doubts to rest.

91. Daniel Norris.

Toronto has tremendous pitching depth, and even though power lefty Norris hasn't debuted yet he still tops the list.

If you are wondering about the other AL East teams, the Yankees have 4 on the list, the Red Sox 3, the Rays 4 (including #2 Matt Moore) and the Orioles 3.