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Ryan Braun Suspension Overturned. It Couldn't Have Turned Out Worse for the MLB.

I have nothing really new or interesting to say about the Ryan Braun thing but I agree with this from Lone Star Ball:

From a p.r. standpoint, this is a worst case scenario for MLB. The N.L. MVP tested positive for PEDs, and was apparently going to be suspended for 50 games. That news came out. The whole PED issue gets drug back out and beaten to death again.

And then, the player ends up getting the suspension overturned on what is going to be perceived as a technicality. Braun was not "proven innocent" -- instead, his team argued that the evidence used to prove him guilty was inadmissible.

It really couldn't be worse for baseball, it really makes you wonder about all the tests.

Baseball has a problem now. They are going to have to overhaul the way they do the tests and make sure everything is always done in a way that is above question.

Hopefully something will be learned from this, if nothing else,in the future, they should make sure that no names come out until any appeal is ruled upon. Ryan Braun is cleared, but there are enough people out there that think that, since it was a technicality, that he must still be guilty. That's not fair to him.

Bud Selig and company never want to allow any suggestion that they are anything less than infallible. This time they are going have to give in that mistakes have been made and prove to us that they will do things better in the future or we will never be able to believe their results. They want to be able to tell us that the game is clean but if we can't trust the results of one of the very very few positive tests then we can't trust them at all.

Let us know what you think about it all.