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Spring GameThread for March 15: Jays at Astros

Seems like there is a game (or two) everyday.

Today we get to play the Astros again. They are 7-4 on the spring. I think 2 of their 4 losses were to us. It's a road trip so not many of the regulars are in the lineup:

Davis, CF

Snider, DH

d'Arnaud, C (he seems to be getting lots of playing time, Farrell must like watching him)

Thames, LF

Cooper, 1B

McCoy, SS

Valbuena, 3B

Diaz, 2B

Gose, CF

Dustin McGowan gets the start. He's to go 3 innings, Kyle Drabek is to get 3 as well.

It is on MLB Audio, likely with the Astros' radio team.