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TFSML and Minor Leaguer's Epic Spring Training Adventure



Here we are in the hottest Floridian vacation hotspot -Clearwater. This is Phillies country and the locals will attest to the fact that they love the business the fans bring in. Apparently Ruben Amaro Jr. stays in a condo down the road from ours! Even in the friendly confines of Florida Auto Exchange Stadium -perhaps the least inspirational name for a baseball park in the history of time the number of Philly fans out numbered us Jay fans by a wide margin.

But first lets start from the start.

Day 1 we flew into Orlando and stayed at the palatial Hilton Garden Airport. Then we traveled to Lakeland where my friend Mrs. Julie had purchased us some Tiger tickets. It was a sellout, as the powerful Tigers took on the reigning World Series Champion Red Birds of St. Louis. I would have to say the St.Louis fans might be the only ones to rival the Philly fans in their loyalty to their club. We got an insiders perspective on the relations between the Polk County locals and the visiting hoards of Detrioters, needless to say relations aren't good and my friend Brodie let me know that he's been busy keeping the Lakeland girls away from the likes of Brenden Bosh and other young (maybe) single Tigers on the prowl. We also were given an introduction to real southern Redneck queezeen.


Then onward we pushed to the shores of Sand Key Clearwater to our condo on the beach. We settled in then got back on the road to Dunedin for the Jays vs Phillies ST game. It was hot as hell and I have no idea how all the Philly fans gutted out a 10-1 drubbing for 9 innings in the blazing sun. It was a great game for the Jays and we were lucky enough to be among the few Canadians who got to see Juan Bautista's home run as it happened.


With all the player substitutions it made for a pretty messy score card.


and after a strong inning Casey Janssen gave us a friendly waive.


Today we had the day off from baseball so we hit the beach and rented some kayaks then paddled 7 km out to One Tree Island and back. We worked up a good appetite and finished the day with a BBQ party that consisted of what I think must have been 5lbs steaks and jumbo prawns.


More stories to come...