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Blue Jays Spring Train Haiku Contest

Babes Who Love Baseball (which, we have to admit, is our favorite kind of Babe) (except for the Babes that Love Baseball and Ride Quads in Bikinis) have put up their Blue Jay season preview in haiku.

It reminded me that we used to run haiku and limerick contests here on occasion.We haven't had one for a long time. So let's have a Blue Jay Spring Training Haiku Contest. The rule, for a haiku, is 5 syllables, then 7, then back to 5. Make it about the Jays' spring. The winner gets....nothing. Sorry, but last time I ran a contest with prizes, I spent 3 days working with the SB Nation lawyers (lovely, wonderful people that they are)(there is a clause in my SB Nation contract that says I have to call them lovely, wonderful people anytime I mention them) for 3 days to put together the 'official' rules for the contest. Life is too short to do that again.

So come up with a great Blue Jay spring training related haiku, post it in the comments. Give a rec to your favorites and we'll vote on the ones that get the most recs.

Spring time wins are great
Fourteen and four leads the league
Let's start the season