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Spring GameThread: Red Sox @ Jays

A game that's on MLB TV and yet Sportsnet, in their finite wisdom, has decided to show us the Yankees and Tigers. I can't figure them out. If they are going to buy a feed some someone, why not by the feed with the Jays game.

Anyway, the good news is that Brett Lawrie is back in the lineup, so the conspiracy minded among us can stop worrying that the Jays were lying to us about how bad his injury was. It isn't like Bret needs 100 at bats to get ready for the season, he's only hitting .609, in his first 9 spring games.

Jays lineup:

Johnson, 2B

Escobar, SS

Bautista, RF

Lind, 1B

Encarnacion, DH

Lawrie, 3B

Thames, LF

Rasmus, CF

Mathis, C

Aaron Laffey gets the start. Farrell says that Laffey and Drabek are still in the battle for the 5th spot. Course, he didn't say which of Brett Cecil or Dustin McGowan is in the battle with them.

Ben Francisco is to be out for a week, but he 'should be' ready for opening day.

As always no discussing illegal streams in the thread.

Be Civil. Go Jays.