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Travis Snider Optioned to Vegas

I guess we knew it was coming but still it kind of bugs me. You couldn't have asked Travis Snider to do much more than he did this spring, but the Jays made it clear that, unless he broke something, Eric Thames was going to be the choice in left.

Not that Thames is bad, I think he'll do fine. I think, what you saw last year is what you are likely to see this year. He'll get on base at about a .320 clip, give us 20 homes, a .460 slugging. Not bad, not what you would really want from a LFer. I'd like a little better defense than Thames, Rasmus and Bautista are going to give us. But then, we mostly have ground ball pitchers, except for Morrow, poor guy.

If I'm Alex, and if Travis does decent for the 51's, I'd be looking for a way to deal Adam Lind to open a spot for Snider. I think Bautista, at some point, will have to move to first base. He doesn't have the range you would like to see in right field.

Hopefully we'll see Travis in Toronto soon.

Also sent to the minor league camp were David Cooper, Yan Gomes, Jon Diaz and Chris Woodward. I think the Jays are down to 32 in the major league camp now.