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Blue Jay News on a Sunday

There was a ton of little bits of news that came out of the Jays spring camp today, I figured we might as well put them all in one spot.

Dustin McGowan came out of today's start, in the minor league camp, with plantar fasciitis. The Jays are saying that he should be able to make his next start and that he'll be able to start the season on the 25-man roster. I'm not so sure. He is short of innings this spring, I don't think he'd be up to going more than 5 innings, at the most, in his first start. Plantar fasciitis is something that can be a minor irritant or can be something that keeps you off your feet for months. If the Jays were to put him on the DL, they would be able to have him work in the minors for up to 30 days on a rehab, which would give Kyle Drabek or (please no) Aaron Laffey a change to show what they can do.

Jose Bautista was hit in the hand with a pitch, and apparently there is some swelling, but x-rays are negative. We've heard that story before. If he isn't bad in the lineup by Tuesday, I vote we start worrying.

Brett Lawrie got into his first game after missing more than a week with a groin strain. He was 0 for 2 but he didn't come out of the game limping so all should be well.

And there was that other thing, oh right, the Jays sent Travis Snider down to the minors. I have no doubts Eric Thames will have a good season. In fact, let's have a poll.