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Bluebird Links - The 'Tremendous Wiener' Edition

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Nothing at all to do with the article but it's a fun picture.
Nothing at all to do with the article but it's a fun picture.

You know what everyone - I hate spring training. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'd be a blast to actually be in Florida for a week or two during the spring, but I hate spring training from the confines of my living room here in the great white north. Every year the same thing happens - I get super excited for about two days after it starts. By the end of the first week, after I realize that I won't actually see any spring games thanks to the terrible Rogers coverage, I stop caring a little bit. After week two, I've read about 927 fluff articles about players in the best shape of their lives and players with new 'great' attitudes and all that. By the end of week three, the position 'battles' are over and we still have a week or two left.

Come on regular season, we're ready for you!

The big news yesterday was obviously the Dustin McGowan extension. Lots of articles about that around however, not many with actual opinions. Wilner likes the deal. Parkes and Stoeten both hate the deal, the other 73 articles didn't offer an opinion one way or another. I'm kind of surprised that the fan poll below was so in favor because it is a bit of a risk, but really, it's only $3M. If it blows up, whatever, big deal. If that $3M prevents the Jays from signing someone down the line, then fine, this extension was a mistake. But is that really going to happen?

On a slightly more entertaining note, the Star has a hilarious picture from the broadcast of a Cards game. Minor League Guy on Third. Now picture this happening to a top Jays prospect - say Anthony Gose. Hilarious!

Lots more after the jump.


Price for Snider dropping
Davidi compares the Snider situation to the Colby Rasmus situation last year. I'll be one sad panda if Snider gets dealt anytime soon.

30 Jays in 30 Days - Sergio Santos Has a Scary Arm
The Tao of Stieb tells us that Santos could be among the most exciting additions to the franchise in some time.

Anthony Gose and Drew Hutchison polar opposites with prodigious talent
The title pretty much sums it up.

Toronto Blue Jays stockpile talent
Jeff Blair with another prospect piece.

Who Had The Better Slider: Dave Stieb or Steve Carlton?
Callum Hughson at Mop-Up Duty asks the question.

The Sophomore Curse
Marc Hulet tries to pick sophomores that are headed for big seasons and those that are heading for big disappointments. He has high hopes for Henderson Alvarez although some guy in the comments disagrees.


Texas Rangers roll out two-foot-long hot dog

It has to be a tremendous wiener

Yeah, Nolan Ryan actually said that - need I say more? Maybe I will - I love hotdogs, in fact, we just made mac n' cheese with hot dogs the other day. Hot dogs in the mac n' cheese cooked in the oven for an hour - it was delicious. But, that 'tremendous wiener' looks disgusting. How long until someone tries to eat the whole thing and pukes on the person in front of them on national television? I put the over / under at...three home games.

Cubs Sign Shawn Camp
In case you missed this one amongst that other contract extension, Camp has found a new home.

Lettin’ It Ride With Shaun Marcum
Apparently the Brewers are in no hurry to extend Marcum - Parkes writes about the value loss of the trade if they do let him walk.

2012 Organizational Rankings: #28 – Oakland
FanGraphs has started their yearly organizational rankings. Any predictions as to where the Jays end up?

Royals Get Less Interesting. Again.
Well, at least Snider isn't the only highly touted prospect that probably shouldn't be starting the year in the minors.

2012 Previews: The Arizona Diamondbacks
Travis Reitsma previews the Diamondbacks - I know, nobody really cares about the NL West but it's a slow Jays news day and I think he's written up 25 other team previews which should entertain everyone for a while.

Rare Honus Wagner baseball card expected to fetch more than $1 million
Anyone have some spare change lying around?

Top 25 MLB salaries of 2012
There are some terrible contracts on the list.