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AL Prediction Time

Since the American League season starts in 16 hours or so, in Japan, I thought we'd put up a thread asking for your AL predictions.

Give us who you see winning each of the three divisions and the two 'wild card' winners and which team goes to the World Series. Plus the AL MVP and Cy Young winner. Also give us the number of wins the Jays will have.

I'm going:

East: Rays

Central: Tigers

West: Rangers

Yankees and Angels getting the Wild Card spots. Rangers go to the World Series again.

I'm giving Jose Bautista the MVP. I'm wishful.

David Price for CY Young.

For the Jays, 87 wins and a fun season.

And no, I have no confidence in any of my predictions.

So give us your predictions. If you want to add in any fun predictions you have, go ahead. Number of time Bobby Valentine is ejected from games? 7.