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GameThread: Jays @ Yankees

Getting closer to the real season. A's and Mariners start the major league season off in 11 hours or so, in Japan. tonight's game is on the Fan 590 and MLB Audio, but not TV of course.

The Jays decided to have Brandon Morrow pitch in a Triple-A game, instead of show him to the Yankees tonight. John Lott tells us:

He allowed just four hits and two unearned runs, but worked into a lot of deep counts and used up 96 pitches over five innings plus a batter in the sixth.

So Kyle Drabek starts against the Yankees tonight.

Jays Lineup:

Johnson, 2B

Escobar, SS

Bautista, RF

Encarnacion, 1B

Lawrie, 3B

Thames, LF

Arencibia, C

Rasmus, CF

Gomes, DH

Originally Adam Lind was in the lineup, but they've pulled him because of 'low back tightness'. Other than Lind missing, this looks to be our opening day lineup. I'm surprised that Jose is playing today, I thought he'd get a day or two off after being hit on the hand Sunday. Glad to see it wasn't serious.