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Spring GameThread: Orioles at Jays


The Orioles are in Dunedin today. Or at least some of the Orioles minor leaguers are in Dunedin. The rule was supposed to be that the visiting team is supposed to bring at least 4 regulars. Even with the Orioles, none of the guys in their starting lineup are going to be major leaguers this year.

But then, the Jays were to have Brett Cecil start but they had him pitch in a minor league game, earlier today, so that the Orioles don't get a sneak preview of his new, 99 MPH fastball. Then with no Orioles making the trip to Dunedin, they didn't need to worry. Both teams are cheating a wee bit.

The Orioles have our old friend Dana Eveland starting. Insert your own joke here, I'm late getting this together.

Escobar, SS

Johnson, 2B

Bautista, RF

Encarnacion. 1B

Thames, LF

Lawrie, 3B

Arencibia, C

Rasmus, CF

Gomes, DH

Ryan Tepera gets the start.

If you missed earlier, the Jays have said that Dustin McGowan will start the season on the DL, cue conspiracy theory. So likely Kyle Drabek will be going north to Toronto.

Also Adam Lind is taking 3 days off to rest an aching back, prompting all sorts of twits to Mike Wilner suggesting moves the Jays should make to replace him on the roster. I don't know how Wilner does it, I'd have gone postal long ago, if I had his job.

As always, Go Jays.