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GameThread: Jays @ Red Sox

I've had a boring morning.

I have pretty long hair, and I like it that way, but figured it was time to get it cut. I've been going to the same barber for the last couple of years. He opens at 10:00, I go there for 10:00. Get a paper and a magazine, wait 20 minutes. Still not there. I hate that. I think you should open when you say you open. So I gave up.

I passed by a couple of barber shops on the way home. One was open, stopped in, he had a guy in the chair, but no line. Older fellow with very thin hair, not much to cut and looked like he was almost done. So, I'm waiting. Read the paper, cover to cover. Even the sections I normally skip.

Played with my phone. Read my twitter feeds. Looked around some web sites. 30 minutes later, he is still cutting this guy's hair. Or pretending too. I'd swear the scissors are couple of inches away from the guy's head. I'm figuring if it takes him 45 minutes to do this guy's hair, I'm likely to be all day. So I gave up, went home after wasting an hour and a half.

Anyway, today's game isn't on MLB Audio or anything else, other than Gameday and I'm not interested enough to follow that, but if you are or if you want to just chat about anything else, here is the GameThread.

Jays lineup:

Gose, CF

Davis, RF

Thames, LF

Gomes, 1B

Valbuena, SS

Mathis, C

Nanita, DH

Diaz, 2B

Woodward, 3B

Drew Hutchison gets the start against what looks to be the Red Sox regular lineup. A good test for Drew.