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And we're back! BBB Podcast Episode 12

Lawrie pity the fool who doesn't download the podcast.
Lawrie pity the fool who doesn't download the podcast.

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It's been a long off-season and I've been away from baseball news for most of it. Did I miss anything? Nope? Well damn.

With baseball starting to kick off again Tom, Hugo, Jesse and myself got together to chat about the Jays and we even managed to mostly stay on topic! Big thanks again to Eric at SBNation who helped me get the podcast uploaded to the site. Seriously I tried everything to get it posted and nothing was working.

Anyways! Topics for the podcast this time around include

- Jays Offseason including thoughts on Darvish and the Bullpen

- The LF battle between Thames and Snider, ever wonder what we would do if we ran the Jays? Wonder no more!

- Colby Rasmus, is he set to bounceback?

- Our best guesses at who could breakout for the Jays this year and make a jump to the big leagues.

- Finally we close out the show with thoughts on the Jays chances at contending this year with another wild card added.

Other highlights include: Our win total predictions, remember to write these down to remind us all of how wrong we were at the end of the year. Johnny's awful mis-pronunciation of pythagorean (and mis-pronounced with confidence too!) Off topic de-rails at the end of the show and of course Jessef boxcar train yet again.

Click button, Download, Enjoy!