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Quick Recap of Blue Jays Spring Game #1


Pirates 1 Blue Jays 7

Nice game for both our hitters and pitchers. Of note:

  • Jose Bautista was 1 for 3 with 2 k.
  • Moises Sierra: 1 for 1.
  • Adam Lind: 0 for 2, walk.
  • Edwin Encarnacion: 1 for 2.
  • Ben Francisco: 1 for 1, RBI.
  • Brett Lawrie: 2 for 4, double, 4 RBI, steal.
  • Colby Rasmus: 0 for 2, walk.
  • Eric Thames: 2 for 3, home run, 2 RBI.

Nine Jay pitchers threw an inning each. Perfect innings for Brett Cecil (well, perfect minus a Brett Lawrie error) , Jim Hoey, Scott Richmond and Jerry Gil. Kyle Drabek and Luis Perez each gave up just a walk. Ryan Tepera allowed a walk and hit a batter. Joel Carreno gave up a hit. Danny Farquhar gave up 2 hits, hit a batter and the only run the Pirates would get.

On defense, Lawrie and Escobar each made an error, but then the infield at Dunedin isn't exactly perfect. Our infield also turned a couple of double plays.

I am so happy to have baseball back, even if it is a fake game.