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GameThread: Twins @ Jays

Another one that isn't on MLB TV or Audio or anything, other than Gameday.

There are lots of little bits of Blue Jay new today.

Want to see the Eastern League Championship ring that the Fisher Cat players got? Chad Jenkins put up a picture. Pretty cool. It will pale beside all his World Series rings though.

John Lott tells us that Adam Lind will be back in the lineup Sunday, but he'll be getting 'time off' during the season.

Mike Wilner Thwips that John Farrell said that with McGowan still in no-throw mode, it's difficult to imagine him not starting the season on the disabled list. I thought we already knew that.

Today's Jays lineup:

Escobar, SS

Johnson, 2B

Bautista, RF

Encarnacion, 1B

Lawrie, 3B

Rasmus, CF

Arencibia, C

Davis, LF

Mathis, DH

Aaron Laffey gets the start. Farrell wants to tease us with the thought that Laffey could get McGowan's spot in the rotation, at least for a little longer.