Promotions you'd like to see at the dome.

Now, this fanshot may be a waste of your time or a complete waste of your time. But, I was sitting here thinking about the upcoming season and things that I would like to see when I come to watch games in person. I don't get to watch many at the dome, perhaps 5-7 a season, but when I do, the in-game promotions seem to be (ie. are) non-existent.

So, I was just wondering what are some things that you guys would like to see if you were the Head of Marketing for the Blue Jays. (Who knows, maybe the head of marketing is reading this and will take some of your suggestions). And undoubtedly, there might be some of you who fall in the "Get-off-my-lawn" category with promotions and like the Dome experience the way it is. Would love to hear your take on it.

Personally, I would love to see the the LF outfield section (100 and 200 level) called "Bautista Beards!" where fans are given fake beards to wear during the game. It can be Bautista's mini-section at the stadium. (It's kind of a spin-off of the Manny-wood thing in LA). Because we all know Bautista's power comes from his beard.

Other promotions, marketing gimmicks I'd like to see (I'm not joking):

CF White Shirt Day: When the ChiSox come to town, I would like the Jays to embrace the outrageous accusations by giving free white shirts to the center field crowd for that series. Canadians are known to have a good sense of humour - would love to see some of that at the park.

Brett Lawrie Translation: Whoever follows Lawrie on twitter, knows about BLT. Maybe they could show tweets from him, and have fans try to translate what he says in formal English.

Pancake Day: On a day when Romero is pitching and Arencibia is his battery mate, give out pancakes to kids under 12.

Snider's Meatshop: Similar to Bautista Beards, just for the RF outfield section - everyone is given a mini chef hat.

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