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GameThread for Spring Game #4, Phillies and Jays

As I mentioned, it is lousy here today, so I think I'll listen to baseball for a bit and try to take some happiness out of the knowledge that it is nice somewhere.

Ricky Romero gets his first official spring start, though he pitched in the intersquad game Friday.

The game is in Dunedin today so we'll see more of the regulars play. Well, not see, listen to. Sportsnet, you could do us all a favor by showing us, at least, the games from Dunedin. I know it would cost a bit to set up, but still, please, for me.

Jays Lineup:

Escobar, SS

Johnson, 2B

Bautista, RF

Lind, 1B,

Encarnacion, DH

Lawrie, 3B

Snider, LF

Arencibia, C

Davis, CF

A reminder: talking about illegal streams in our GameThreads (or for that matter anywhere else on the site) is not allowed at all.

I don't suppose a little of the great weather from Florida could be shipped up here?