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GameThread for March 9 Game: Jays and Astros

We are playing the soon to be AL Houston Astros. Unfortunately Brett Wallace isn't in the lineup, it would be interesting to hear how he is doing at third base.

Blue Jays lineup:

Davis, CF

Thames, LF

Lawrie, 3B

Encarnacion, 1B

Cooper, DH

d'Arnaud, C

Sierra, RF

Diaz, 2B

Hechavarria, SS

Henderson Alvarez gets the start and presumably will throw the first couple of innings.

Interesting Tweet from Mike Cormack:

Farrell added AA tried to acquire Mathis twice before this winter. AA yesterday said another GM has already called about him.

If someone someone has called about him.

Anyway, again a reminder about talking about streams in the threads. Please don't. I know folks have been joking in the threads but let's just not talk about them at all. It saves your friendly moderators from having to worry about all.

The game is on MLB Audio.

Go Jays. Join us in the thread. I'm going to listen to the first few innings, so join me in the thread.