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Jays Return Aaron Laffey to Las Vegas

I woke up to a couple of dozen Tweets saying the Jays "optioned" Aaron Laffey to Vegas, I don't think that's right. I thnk Laffey is out of options so he can't be optioned, but he cleared waivers, so he can be sent to Vegas. He goes down, Farrell says, to be stretched out again, so that he can be a possibility for the 5th starter spot. The Jays need a 5th starter again on April 21. Since it is the 15th now, that doesn't leave much time to 'stretch out'. He'd have to start tomorrow's game for Vegas to have a shot at the game on the 21st.

Evan Crawford gets to stay with the team, which is nice, I'd like to see him get into a game before he is sent down again, but with every game that the Jays play being close ones, it's tough to throw in a rookie that hasn't pitched above Double-A. Though, with how poorly the bullpen has been doing, maybe it is worth trying him in a higher leverage spot.

Sergio Santos is back on the roster from paternity leave, hopefully he got a good night's sleep last night.