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Look, We are Famous


We got quoted in the Washington Post Express. My kids always say that I'm famous, just not many people know it.

I'll have to tell my parents. They don't really understand the website. "I write things about the Blue Jays." "And someone prints it in a book." "No, it is on the internet." "In a magazine?""No, on the internet." Long silence.

But they understand newspapers.

On the opposite page is the horoscopes. What you can't see is that under Aquarius it says:

You will be quoted in the Washington Post Express today.

And here I thought this horoscope stuff was a hoax.

Cory Williams, SB Nation Community Manager, was nice enough to pass this on to us. He saw it on his way into work this morning. Cory, and the other smart people that work for SB, are busy putting the final touches on the new Pick 6 game that is to debut tomorrow. We'll have a post up tomorrow introducing the game, but the quick explanation is that it is a daily fantasy baseball type game that will be integrated with the baseball sites. We'll have a daily leader board, right on the site, so someone will have bragging rights each day.

It is quick and easy to play. We'll explain it all tomorrow.