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Florida Moon, Kiss Me Good Night: Game Thread - 4/17, Tampa Bay at Toronto

After a Monday off, our friendly neighborhood Blue Jays take on the visiting Tampa Bay Rays tonight at the Rogers Centre.

Ace Ricky Romero pitches for the Jays while Jeff Nieman goes for Tampa. Romero and the Rays are no strangers to one another, and Romero was one of the most successful Jays' pitchers against Tampa Bay last season, with a 2.02 ERA and 3 victories in 5 starts last season. Nieman wasn't as successful against Toronto last year, but is a perfectly decent pitcher who mixes a low-90s fastball, slider, curve, and splitter.

All five AL East teams are sitting pretty much the same early in the season, with the Jays at 5-4 a half-game ahead of Tampa Bay.

I don't have a ton more time as I have to get home from work and pack for an early-morning flight tomorrow, but enjoy the game!

today's title is from a very pretty song by New Orleans drummer/singer/songwriter Fred LeBlanc

The lineup widget isn't working for me at the moment, so:

Jays: Escobar, SS; Johnson, 2B; Bautista, RF; Lind, 1B; Encarnacion, DH; Thames, LF; Lawrie, 3B; Rasmus, CF; Arencibia, C