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Blue Jays Fifth Starter?

Shi Davidi started a flurry of twitter angst by saying:

Dark horse candidate to start for #Jays on April 21? Jesse Chavez at triple-A Vegas. Farrell says converted reliever in mix, sitting 92-95.

Now, I have my doubts that the Jays would use a guy with a 5.36 ERA in 143 relief appearances, 0 starts. In 3 starts at Vegas he has a 3.97 ERA, 16 innings, 18 strikeouts, 5 walks.

He also said:

Others in mix: Carreno (on 8-days rest), Hutchison (on 6 days), Laffey (although he'll need an injury to be recalled in time)

Laffey was just sent down, he can't be recalled for 10 days after be sent down, unless there is an injury. I'd guess that Carreno must be the favorite. Hutchison, well maybe, but I wouldn't want the Jays to call him up and then send him back down after a couple of starts.

Lets have a poll.