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Such a Sign Only You Would Know: GameThread for Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays, 18 April 2012

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Hey everyone. Sorry this is a lame gamethread, forgot all about it and in a rush now. It'll be better tomorrow.

Looks like the lineup widget still isn't working. Oh well.


Jennings (CF)
Zobrist (RF)
Pena (1B)
Longoria (3B)
Scott (DH)
Keppinger (2B)
Joyce (LF)
Molina (C)
Rodriguez (SS)


Escobar (SS)
Johnson (2B)
Bautista (RF)
Encarnacion (DH)
Lind (1B)
Lawrie (3B)
Davis (LF)
Rasmus (CF)
Mathis (C)

So Thames sits and EE bats cleanup against the lefty Price. Brandon Morrow starts for the Jays.