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Flickering In and Out of Our View: 4/21 Game Thread, Jays at Kansas City

Hugo here - I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's nice to be back home in DC after a busy week of traveling and to spend time with the famiglia.

Just when you thought that the Jays' wunderkind rotation couldn't get any younger, here comes 21-year old Drew Hutchison to make his major-league debut. Hutchison pretty well dominated over three different levels last season, and it is exciting to see him in the bigs. Luis Mendoza pitches for Kansas City and he's really not all that much more experienced than Hutchison, making just his fifth career major league start.

The Jays had a disappointing series at home against Tampa Bay, and are coming off two straight series losses against AL East rivals, but went to Missouri and the Seville of the Midwest and took game 1 last night in a close one and look to build on that today. On the Jays, only Edwin Encarnacion is hitting like you'd want him too so far this season, so in a way it's impressive that the Jays are over .500, if only by one game. The Jays' pitchers have kept them in the games, and the hitters have been able to score just enough.

Today's title comes from the great song Sway by Kansas City's (Lawrence, technically, but close enough) very own Mates of State. Not only are Mates of State terrific in a Jonathan Richman-meets-the Dismemberment Plan with perfect just-a-little-off-key male/female harmony thrown in, but as a married couple who are in a rock band and bring their two young daughters on tour with them, they are an inspiration to parents with young kids everywhere. jessef started the Kansas City thing yesterday, so let's keep it going.

The ground rules and lineups, after the jump:

Kansas City:

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