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Please Allow Me To Present You With a Clue: 4/22 Game Thread, Jays at Kansas City

The Jays continue their series against the Show Me State's AL team today with an afternoon game, and look to take the series decisively with a win today. Yesterday the offense seemed to break out a bit, combining the long ball with some timely hitting, and hopefully they can build on that today.

Ricky Romero pitches for the Jays today. While Romero has been getting the job done this season, and has gotten plenty of grounders, he hasn't really shown his best stuff quite yet, so it'll be interesting to see how he does today.

Danny Duffy pitches for Kansas City. The former 3rd round pick and lefty was hit or miss last season (heavy on the miss) but has quite good over two starts so far this year. Duffy is a bit susceptible to the long ball, so it'll be interesting to see how the Jays' righty power bats approach him. If he is hitting he's spots, though, he can be quite tough.

The Royals have now lost 9 in a row, so they are seeking to avoid losing 10 straight today, which is just a terrible way to start a season.

Continuing our Kansas City trend (btw, are there any actual bands from Kansas City? - these have all been from the college town of Lawrence, Kansas), today's title comes from a song by the New Amsterdams, When We Two Parted.

Lineups after the jump. Omar Vizquel (second base), Ben Francisco (designated hitter), and Rajai Davis (left field) get the start against the lefty so that the Jays can field 8 of 9 batters from the right side. Kansas City doesn't reciprocate against the Jays' lefty, with only center fielder Mitch Meier getting the afternoon off from their usual lineup.

Kansas City:

Reminder a few ground rules for the gamethreads that are in effect.

1. Please no Gifs or images during the game threads. The threads go by quick and with a lot of people tend to slow down for people. We understand it isn't as bad for people already in the thread but anyone new coming in has a nightmare of a time loading mutliple images. --- As a side note as the game end we will lift the ban and you can go as crazy as you like.

2. Don't argue with any of the moderators. Think of it like arguing balls and strikes, you can get tossed. If you have a problem with the rules feel free to e-mail either Tom or another manager (our e-mail is at the bottom of the page).

3. No linking to any illegal streams