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Tuesday Morning Bantering

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Apparently being slimmer than ever hasn't helped his pitching much.
Apparently being slimmer than ever hasn't helped his pitching much.

I think Tom's recap below is probably enough for everyone so no recaps in today's link post. Lots of talk today about Cecil and whether he'll make the rotation or not. Which direction do you think the Jays will go? Two more days folks! Happy days are almost on us!

Edit: According to several tweeters, Cecil has been optioned to AA and Joel Carreno will fill his spot on the staff for now.


Cecil concerns grow
Shi Davidi wonders if Cecil will break camp with the team or not - thoughts? Any predictions on the starting staff?

Projected 2012 New Hampshire Fisher Cats Roster
Jays Journal has the projected AA roster. Considering their starting rotation (Hutchison, McGuire, Jenkins and Carreno), if Cecil doesn't make this rotation to start the year, when do the Jays start converting him to a reliever?

Roger Clemens' son, a Fisher Cat, is his own man
Speaking of New Hamshire, Koby Clemens (a first baseman) is suiting up for the Jays AA affiliate this season.

How was Dunedin? Funny you should ask
Bob Elliot with a fun little spring training story.

Return to Cleveland significant for Blue Jays infielder Omar Vizquel
Omar is looking forward to this one.

The rest are after the jump, including talk of those two big contract extensions that happened this week.


Joey Votto’s Massive Extension Changes the Game
The Votto extension is pretty close to value according to Dave Cameron, however, but they didn't get a 'home-town' discount. According to Cameron, this deal is going to have lasting repercussions on the sport - how good does the Jose Bautista extension look right now? While on the Votto contract, Kevin Glew has an article about how Votto fits in with other Canadian baseball stars in terms of contract value.

Why I Wouldn’t Have Signed Matt Cain
Although it's probably a fair market deal, Dave Cameron thinks the Giants should have gone another direction. Thoughts?

2012 Previews: National League Recap
Travis Reitsma has finished off his team previews. A recap of the American League is here - he's picking a Braves / Red Sox final. Ugh.

World Series signs point to Angels-Braves duel
Richard Griffin with his fall predictions.

V-Dub For Zito: A Plague A’ Both Your Houses
Parkes thinks the Angels and Giants should swap their over-payed former stars.

Indians Ubaldo Jiminez suspended for bean ball
Nothing like getting suspended during a spring training game.