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Bluebird Links - Opening Day!!!

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Not Jays related, but a nice shot from last nights game.
Not Jays related, but a nice shot from last nights game.

It's finally here bluebird-ites! One of my favorite days of the year - opening day. Lots of links for you to read. Have fun in the comments and be back here this afternoon for the game thread!


Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians - April 5, 2012 previews today's opening day match-up.

Five Bold Predictions and my AL East preview
Doug Plourd at JaysProspects has a few minor league predictions for this season.

Why not in 2012?
Shi Davidi says that there are questions that need to be asked with the Toronto Blue Jays, but for a change, "Why not in 2012?" deserves to be among them.

Up-the-middle mix of d'Arnaud, Hechavarria, Gose sets pace for 51s
It's too bad Vegas isn't closer because it could be a lot of fun watching this team this year.

Fisher Cats start their title defense tonight
Kevin Gray previews the Jays AA affiliate.

More Jays links and a few from around the league after the jump!

Blue Jays’ Lawrie teetering on brink of stardom
Omar Vizquel has a few good things to say about Lawrie. In the article, Robert Macleod described Omar has a future hall of famer. Admittedly, I don't know a lot about his career - is Omar actually a future hall of famer?

Blue Jays baseball blog
Griffin has some opening day notes. Based on this, it sounds like Romero is only the 5th pitcher to start two opening days for the Jays (Including Morris, Stieb, Key and Halladay).

Romero expects big things from Blue Jays has a few notes about Romero, Farrell's faith in his pitching staff and the Jays lineup.

Cecil gone, long live Carreno
Bob Elliott discussed the pitchers the Jays allegedly went after this winter. There's a great quote about Gio Gonzalez in there.


Opening night loss can't spoil debut of Marlins Ballpark
SI has a recap of last nights Marlins game, saying even though they lost, opening the new park was a nearly unforgettable night.

Lannan requests trade
In the anti-feel good story of the spring, Nat's two-time opening day starter was option to the minors after being told that he won the 5th spot in the rotation. Ouch - no wonder he asked for a trade. Would there be any interest for Lannan in Jays land?

Cromartie has a dream: to return baseball to Montreal
The former Expo is trying to put a team together to get the ball rolling on this. Does anyone think that Montreal will ever get another MLB team?

This Week in Schadenfreude: Where’s Wallace?
Brett Wallace is starting the year in AAA - in the same league as Anthony Gose. That swap is looking better and better.

Rockies pitcher hurt while puking
Bizarre. Sounds like a Brett Cecil injury.

Five Stories to Watch
SI has five stories to watch for this season - the Jays get a mention as a playoff contender.