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Off Day Appeal For A Lil' Help.

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Hello Banterers,

As some of you may know, I'm running the BBB Facebook page. After a great season opener we're up to 601 'likes'! That's up from the 300 and change we had near the end of last year but I think we can do a lot better. It's a small but growing little community we've got going over there and it's got a brand new look as you can see above. Now I know Facebook isn't for everyone but this page is a fun place to hang out, a place that with your help can blossom into a utopian, virtual world of Blue Jay joy and bliss.

So I'm asking all BBBer's for a little help, if you're on facebook and haven't liked us please do so. If you don't want the news feed you can unsubscribe after 'liking'. Also you can suggest it to your friends, family and enemies. Furthermore I want all members to feel encouraged to post any and all video on the BBB Facebook page. Have a video you think is hilarious but not sure if it belongs on the BBB site? FB is the answer. Have an amazing GIF that you can't post cuz the gamethread is jammed? Again Facebook is the answer. If you see a video, GIF or a link you like, upload it or share it from the page on your own timeline.

Facebook is a totally different animal - all members are identified by their real names so I have no idea who anyone is or what they post as on BBB, so please introduce yourself, share your BBB identity and we can gossip or talk baseball. I promise not to creep you -unless you are a super hot lingerie model.

My goal has always been to get the numbers up to at least 1K. Pinstripe Alley and DRays Bay are both well over that and we have an entire country to draw from and we all know that Blue Jay fans control the interwebs. So get over your fear, like us and get commenting and posting.



Oh and speaking of super hot lingerie models, I give you this pic that Minor Leaguer snapped of me on the beach in Clearwater. Enjoy it ladies, all 5 of you!